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New Born Suggestions


Your newborns portrait is momentous and the window of time to capture these images is between 3 and 10 days. After that, your baby will become more aware and start to stretch out, making images of cuddling and being tucked harder to achieve.

We want this to be a stress free experience. When you are relaxed, your newborn will be relaxed. We are accustomed to crying, feeding or any mishaps that occur. We have allotted extra time for this reason. 

Please arrive to the studio 30 minutes prior to your appointment with your baby hungry and be prepared to feed them once you get here. We have plenty of private areas to get your baby comfy, cozy and asleep.

A sleeping baby will help us create a variety of images across multiple sets. A truly deep sleep will allow us to mold and move them in any pose.


For the Parents:

Bring along with you light and a dark tops, We will have one or both of you posing with your newborn. This will make more intimate portraits.